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Due to Covid-19 emergency, we offer only Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) until the worldwide situation returns to the normality



Bit2win Academy Courses offer a wide range of tools to learn about the features   and functionalities of Bit2win Cloud Suite and to maximize its potential.

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Bit2win CPQ (Configure, Price and Quote) Solution allows companies to manage and evolve front office services , having a next generation catalog management with high performing configuration browser rule engine, supporting eligibility, compatibility

and  complex pricing criteria.

Available Courses  

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Bit2win  Symphony BPM   (Business Process Modeler) Solution allows companies to  manage massive  and long running transactions , orchestrating   all processes , in order to control every single custom workflows and build tailor-made solutions that fit the industry

Available Courses

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Bit2win  Promotion Solution   allows companies to build an  engaging   customer   experience , through insights and analysis of the data collected on different sales channels, to enable effective loyalty programs and personalized relationships.

Available Courses

Give More Value to your Bit2win Cloud Solution!

A team of experts is ready to give more value to your industry cloud solution.

We provide multiple training courses aimed at different users.


Convey deep product knowledge to your delivery team : the courses are designed to provide all the skills necessary to protect and maximize the return on investment, based on the solution chosen.

A wide range of implementation services, ranging from architectural assistance to full program delivery.


Achieve a wide range of means for system integrators to learn about the features and functionalities of the software . Each training have been tailored for specific job roles and industries, with the aim of building, developing and maintaining skills and competences over time. Certifications provide formal recognition of skill level achievements.


Gain maximum business value by accessing deep industry knowledge, delivery capabilities and technical skills : access to dedicated resources for partner enablement, training and certification programs to build your own hands-on experience on the Bit2win Cloud Suite .


Product Certification is the best way to power your success, and will help you become self-sufficient in deploying, maintaining, and optimizing our products.

It is mandatory for all bit2win partners and we highly recommend it for system integrator and customer system administrators who will be actively involved in an implementation or currently support an existing solution.


Achievement in-depth understanding of Configure Price Quote (CPQ). Improvement of your business process management (Symphony BPM). Building your partner engagement program with Promotion Platform

Why Choose Bit2win Courses

Our instructors have deep domain expertise and a passion for education.

Our training is designed for end users, administrators, and even train-the-trainer programs.

Our learning times are optimized to allow quick go-live, with the guarantee of working on your own products.

Hands-On Learning Opportunities
We believe you learn best by doing. Nearly all our courses have hands-on exercises in lab environments to help users gain experience with bit2win products.

Personalized Advice
We ensure qualified assistance. If you need help developing the right training plan, just ask our experts: they are ready to support you identify the best path to follow.

Flexible Training Options  

We offer:

  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT), if you need in-person training at your location.

  • Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT), if you need train your distributed team remotely with a live instructor.

Reach your Success Faster with the Bit2win Certification Product

Product Certification will help you become self-sufficient in deploying, maintaining, and optimizing our products.It is mandatory for all partners and we also highly recommend it for system integrators and customer system administrators who will be actively involved in an implementation or currently support an existing solution.

A maximum of 10 people can participate in virtual courses; certification which will be completed within one month.

Check the training schedules to register for the next available time slot, or for more information on courses.

Why Apply for Bit2win Product Certification

Starting in 2021, only certified individuals can access the official Bit2win knowledge base (WIKI) and can be authorized to open a ticket on the Bit2win support website.

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